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Leo is a bold, charismatic, creative, and fixed sign. As mentioned many times, a fixed sign is one of four signs in the zodiac that adhere to a rigid thought process. Like Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius, Leos are strongly opinionated and often immoveable in their convictions…. We are approaching mid summer and we are sitting between two eclipses. The eclipse of last week on July 12 may have left its imprint on all Cancers and the other water signs by association.

Next week we will see a full Moon lunar eclipse. The week ahead may be one for the memories. There is a wide array of significant activity that will inevitably leave its imprint on each of us in some manner. We begin the week with Venus moving into Virgo. July is shaping up to be quite a powerful month, especially as we enter into eclipse season next week.

More on that to come next week, for now, though we are witnessing a different kind of energy. The primary influence comes from Mars in opposition to Mercury. The week ahead is distinguished by the station of Mars.

Planetary Glyphs and Symbols in Astrology - Meaning and Interpretation

While this happens far less frequently than the annoying Mercury retrograde, a Mars retrograde still leaves a considerable imprint even if it happens once every two years. We begin the week with the mighty outer planet, Neptune stationing retrograde. Fast moving inner planets often help to trigger larger outer planets and frequently provide the spark for events.

Mercury will be moving into Cancer on the 12 of June. Weekly Astrology for June 4, by Chris Flisher The action this week is largely driven by the harsh angle of the Sun and Mercury to the illusive planet Neptune. Together the Sun and Mercury in the sign that it rules provide a lively exchange of thoughts and deliberate actions. Weekly Astrology for May 28, by Chris Flisher The last few weeks have been breathtaking simply by virtue of the amount unexpected activity as Uranus enters in Taurus for the first time since Weekly Astrology for May 21, by Chris Flisher A rather fractious week lies ahead as we see planets moving into difficult and challenging aspect to each other.

While that, in and of itself, is not overly unusual, what is jarring is the number of angles that exist at the same time.

This Week in Astrology: March 10 to March 16, 12222

Weekly Astrology for May 14, by Chris Flisher We will witness a great deal of planetary activity this week as four planets ingress move into new signs. Any time any planet changes a sign is it worthy of note simply by virtue of the fact that the influence will be manifested differently. This week we witness the Vernal Equinox.

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This the time of year when we see equal amounts of daylight and nighttime. This refreshing shift signals that the earth is warming in the northern hemisphere and just the opposite for our southern hemisphere neighbors. How many of us have wished that we could speak with those who have departed? What would it be like to spend time with a loved one who has passed? Author and teacher, Annie Mattingley has done just that.

As many turn towards social media platforms for information the danger of falsehoods and fake news is very real. While the platforms offer a useful way in which to connect they also provide a place from which to spread inaccuracies. When astrologer and author, Ray Grasse was younger he had the rare opportunity to speak with the great spiritual teacher, Shelly Trimmer.

Trimmer was a multi-faceted iconoclastic spiritual visionary who encompassed a wide array of esoteric modalities. As we stare at the headlines, we may all feel as if the world is truly coming to an end. Earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, floods, and impending war populate the news feeds like never before.

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Are we truly heading towards an apocalypse? What can we learn from these extreme situations and catastrophes? What is the moment of astrology and how is it relevant to our daily routine? How do time, objectivity, and the interpretation of symbol play into the theme of the moment? When we glance out at the recent eclipse we stare with awe at the precision of the event. How does a small moon , miles away from Earth block out the Sun which 92 million miles away with such accuracy that it blocks the Sun with exactitude?

Simply amazing. As we stare at our screens and we see the events spill out across the globe, we can only wonder if we have stumbled into an odd parallel universe. The aspects are tough. No doubt. We are in the midst of a major corrective period that will extend for several years. The Great American Eclipse is coming on August 21, and will traverse the entire mid-section of the United States.

Eclipses are important astronomical events, but also contain an ominous astrological component. Often feared by ancient civilizations, eclipses of this nature bring a powerful opportunity to rethink our place in the world. The Sabian Symbols are one of the more unconventional, yet highly provocative astrological tools available. Each degree of the degree circle contains a nugget of wisdom that can be interpreted to add new depth, meaning and clarity to the horoscope.

The Defining Astrological Event Of 12222: The Mutable Square

Drawing on her experiences, Atwater discusses what we need to do to be fully developed. Are we working at our potential? What should w spend our time on? Are we evolutionary? Are we regressive? We all age and as we do our life takes us in many different directions, some of which are our choice and some of which are not. As an astrologer and a educator, Alex Trenoweth has a unique view of the process we all know as growth and maturation. Entering into a deep state of sleep, Cayce would offer medical advice, spiritual insights, and psychological musings on people who came to visit him.

Our closest celestial neighbor holds a powerful influence over all of us.

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  • Whether it be the ominous pull of our oceans or the emotional tug that evolves from our inner core, the Moon stands in as our most influential orb. Many of us may believe that we are a simple product of environment, family traits, and circumstances. While much of that may be true, we are also a product of all that has come before us.

    Many of our personal foibles, traits and liabilities are the direct product of our genetics. Unlike a religious practice, astrology subscribes to basic principles and rules that do not require belief, perseverance, but rather an understanding in the logic of the universe. The ancient and mystical power of the Tarot cards have long fascinated humankind. What appears to be random may reflect an exchange between our subconscious and the powers of the moment. What do the cards reveal about us as individuals? What do the cards reveal about us as a collective body? There was a time when astrologers looked at the sky and made their predictions and forecasts based on only 7 planets.

    They peered out as far as they could se which was to Saturn.

    go to link Saturn is the planet that represents responsibility and duty, whereas Pluto delivers deconstruction and rebirth. When these two form a conjunction in they will deliver a new vision of the world. We are so used to the idea of time that we hardly ever stop to think about where it comes from.